About me

I have a passion for computers and the outdoors. It is an odd mix to many, but I find it helps balance out the mind numbing maddness of the technology lifestyle/rat race.
Camping outdoors, hiking to see waterfalls, watching the stars at night. These are things which calm my mind and allow to free myself from the anxieties of the crazy world.
On the other hand, computers are a useful versatile devices(when they work). I can craft whole worlds, tweak things to my liking, explore with online maps, gain information at the speed of my voice and so many other things. It is a cyber space onto itself.

I'm looking for freedom and creativity for my work place environment. But, what i most desire is to create websites while living on the road in an RV. Many others have done this already and I fancy this. Being able to tour the United States while working online, for a company or free lancing.

For my family's sake and mine, I'm looking for a full time income and to be considered seriously for website design and development. What I do not know, I can learn. This is what I have done all my life. My potential is beyond what is on a college transcript or resume. I learn what I do not know, to do what I can.