Career Interests

Formal education @ Stark State College in Canton, Ohio USA
Informally training myself in the field of computing since my first DOS computer at age 13, creating programs in BASIC.

What I'm now focused upon is website design and development. Looking for a good income and I'm wanting to relocate to another area to have better career choices.

I come from an I.T. background. Taking computers apart, putting them together. Reading manuals to learn how things work. Fixing computers, reinstalling DOS/Linux/Windows.
All this self tought knowledge paid off and I was employed by a local ISP for phone support. The Internet was new to most in the area and phone support was a great way to learn how to work with the users.
Contant internet access at work also expanded my knowlege about subjects of interest and it helped me get side jobs of fixing computers.

Another place of employment had me working with one other fellow maintaining the company computers, across two locations, and the company website. I had to learn ColdFusion and the site shopping cart system to fix it up. It was not maintained for a long time and needed some work for the interface and beauty, as well as some functions for the backend like reports. Not to mention the MSSQL database.
It was all needing so much of an overhaul that I got permission to convert the site to PHP/SQL. I was busy writing scripts to convert directly from one db to another. Then setting up a new website shopping cart system to use it.
ColdFusion was entirly new to me. I learned what I needed to know.
The Shopping Cart was new to me, I managed it.
I'm not afraid to get down and dirty to fix something or learn about an issue and research for a solution.

I have some experience with virtual machines. Besides the general Virtual Box and VMWare Player, I have some with Proxmox.
I setup with a company that had 3-4 machines in use with Proxmox on a nice beefy computer. It took over the Backups, Office Router, DHCP/DNS/WINS Servers, Website Development Database and other hosting servers, in house WordPress install for documentation, several others.
This all was backed up to offsite storage for safety. It worked rather well.
Proxmox is also running on my home server so I can easily do my family backups, local Website Development, script automation, Media Center and Home Router.