Tech Interests

I enjoy crafting new items. In technology it is with the building of websites from the bones of HTML, content with GIMP, arrangment and beautifing with CSS. Then lets not forget the ease of some JQuery!
I'm also aware that JQuery is not the best choice anymore when trying to use other JS library's like ReactJS.

To control the Linux system according to my desires, is another endeavor. I use BASH scripting heavily. If it should be simpiler, I script it!

Computers have been a passion of mine since childhood and it has always delighted me to see how powerfull they have become and are still progressing.
I have often specced out computers of custom builds. I look for the most powerful motherboard. See what the highest end CPU(s) can be put in there. Add multiple video cards linked together for great performance in games. Top it off with fast redundant drives and gigs of memory.
What a beast.

Computers have come a long way since my birth.
We have computers in our hand that can run NASA during the Moon race 60 some years ago. With meta materials and monotomic layouts, future computing is going to change a lot more.
I'm always reading up on computer security, upcoming technologies, directions of the industries. It helps me stay on top of things.